Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Money Saving Tips: 5 Ways To Save Money Even If You Are A Student

Everyone has money issues, that's not just for people with families, or married couples, even students do. You see, we've been taught to save but as children, we get used to the idea that we get everything we want just by asking from our parents. Now that we are more responsible and grown up, we shouldn't just depend solely on our parents for something we need or want. You wouldn't want to go asking your mum for money to go out on a date right? Or to buy that iPod you always wanted. You must learn to save yourself and spend your own money.

Okay, still being in school, you are running on a tight budget. but that's the key, budgeting. When you are given your allowance, how do you manage it? To help you out with savings, here are 5 simple ways for students to save money:

1. Stop buying on impulse- especially to the girls. You go to the mall, you see these cute heels, you are tempted, you want it- but do you need it? The problem with going out to the malls and shopping is you might end up buying stuff you don't actually need- and even stuff you don't really want. So ask yourself "do I need this?" before you buy something, make sure that it's necessary if not then resist the temptation and walk away.

2. Hide your credit cards Many students are given the plastic, thus having the urge to buy now pay later. That's a bad spending habit that you should get rid off. if you think that you are not responsible for the card yet, and with the payments then hide it.

3. Give up the bad habits. Students, especially in college can often times get into bad habits. Alcohol, smoking, partying like it's the end of the world, indulging in expensive luxuries and things, keeping up with the Joneses. Whatever it maybe, cut it out. It's not doing you and your wallet any good.

4. Keeping up with the Joneses. This is related to the last, if your roommate or your friends seem to have an endless allowance, it doesn't mean you have to. What good does it do is you just bust your allowance on all manis and pedis then have nothing to eat just as long as your nails stay pretty. That's just not worth it. Stay true to yourself and stay true to your budget.

5. Stay in your dorm or in your home. When it's the weekends, it's tempting to go out clubbing, shopping, hang out at the "in places", but think about it, do you really need to hang out there when your house is just as comfortable- and you don't need to spend a dime. Why not invite some friends, watch movies, play games, gossip and have fun indoors.

Now those are just five simple tips you can use to save money, there are tons more, be creative and think outside the box. Smart people try to save money early, they will try to learn early so that in the future they know how to control themselves. And very much be well on their finances and budgeting.

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